A Blinking Engine Light Means NOW


If you resemble most motorists, you might have experienced the frightening moment when you’re challenged with a blinking engine light. Many individuals understand that “blinking” means “emergency” and get their vehicles into the shop immediately. Others might take awhile to get the light investigated, whether it’s because they do not have the time to take their vehicle in or do not think they can manage an expensive repair. This post is going to tell you why it is never a great idea to own your automobile while the service light is blinking.

When the Examine Engine or Service Engine Soon light starts blinking (as opposed to staying steadily illuminated), this implies that a catalytic converter-damaging condition is taking place. Typically you will be able to feel an obvious difference in the way your vehicle is running. When this Inspect Engine or Service Engine Soon light flashes, you must stopped safely and shut the lorry off as soon as possible. Have the automobile towed to your relied on repair work center for a diagnosis and repair. Continuing to drive this car in this condition will do more damage and will cost more to fix. Depending on the type and age of lorry you drive, there can be a huge variance on the replacement expense of a catalytic converter. Some converters may cost over $2000 per converter, and numerous automobiles utilize 2, 3, and even 4 converters.

The other thing to consider is that a lot of the lorries we drive in the Puget Sound are developed to satisfy California Emissions Standards. That means if the catalytic converter in your vehicle stops working, it needs to be changed with a catalytic converter that satisfies California Emissions Standards, and these expense even more than a car that complies with Federal Emission Standards. California Emission Standards are much more stringent than federal, and if you don’t change the defective part with the correct part, it will not work with the emissions calibration on your lorry’s computer system. This might still signal a catalytic converter efficiency code, which will illuminate your Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light, and you will not pass the emission test. When your light is brightened, or if there are current codes saved in the computer of your automobile, it will not pass DEQ. There are pros and cons to your automobile being developed to California Emissions Standards. The upside is that your automobile runs much cleaner for our environment, given that California holds higher standards. The drawback is that the vehicles are more costly to fix.

The service light is there for a reason: to inform you when there is an issue with your car so that you can take it in for service. There are numerous reasons that the service engine light might blink on. These factors can vary from quick and economical fixes to substantial and costly repair works. A few of the most typical perpetrators behind a blinking engine light are as follows:

  • Ignition coil has actually stopped working
  • Fuel injector has actually stopped working
  • Engine computer system has failed
  • Spark plug
  • Spark plug wire
  • Bad engine valves

If your check engine light is on and not flashing, this suggests you need to arrange an appointment as soon as possible to have the automobile detected. A diagnostic treatment on a lot of cars normally takes 1-2 hours, and should cost $80– $100 dollars most of the times. Owning an automobile with a blinking engine light will cost you the amount of the repair, plus the expense of a new catalytic converter.service engine soon light flashing